The Story of Our Sandwich

At Walt’s, we prepare all of our roast beef sandwiches fresh every day, you’ll never see frozen food in our kitchens!, instead we take pride in using locally baked bread and the freshest meats available. Scroll through our story below and sign up for a GREAT deal at the bottom!

The Quality

Never frozen, we use only choice USDA premium cut roast, this insures that you are getting a better sandwich than you’d make for yourself, and our buns are baked locally and delivered daily to insure freshness, even our staff has to have more culinary experience than most fast food chains.

The Slow Roast

Walt’s Roasts are “rubbed down” with a special seasoning, then it’s slow roasted in it’s own juices for over 3 hours under the careful eye of one of our master roasters.

The Big Rest

Slow roasting is not enough, when fully cooked the meat must now rest to allow juices to work their way back into each cut.

The Trim Down

Once the resting is complete we trim the fat down to a healthy 85% lean roast beef. The roast is now kept warm in anticipation of your order.

The Delivery

The meat is sliced to order then juices from the roasting process are added to each sandwich just before serving. Whether you want barbecue sauce, horseradish, mustard, mayo or plain, you finish each Walt’s the way you like it.

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Walts Roast Beef

Walts Roast Beef